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our customers…
I am excited to share with you our online store for children school uniforms.  The people at are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction.  This includes a good shopping experience, easy checkout and exceptional clothing for school.  Also, I would like to mention that our customer service staff is attentive to customer’s needs.  Our quality products will hopefully nullify the need to contact customer service.  But if you do have a question or need help, they are ready to find you a resolution.  Windstan is here for you.

choose with confidence…
The leaders here at Windstan have been in the apparel industry for over 28 years.  So children school uniforms is not new to them.  Along the way, they have refined the right business practices and acquired quality supplies, while demanding low prices.  Ultimately, passing on low prices to you.

more options…
At, you can find apparel that will keep kids cool and you can find apparel that will keep kids warm.  Choose a variety of items from Windstan’s clothing lineup .  Furthermore, are you having trouble finding the right size for your child?  Don’t worry, Windstan online store carries standard, husky and plus sizes for boys, girls and young adults.

What makes Windstan stand out from the rest?  Windstan is not too small or too big of a company.  I feel that we are just the right size to provide a personal touch to every service.  You will not be another number.  I challenge you to visit our site and see for yourself.

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